Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Hands of Hope offers a full array of therapy services

Counseling is offered to individuals for a variety of presenting issues including, but not limited to:  depression, anxiety, identity issues, transitions/adjustments, grief and loss.  Sometimes it is helpful to have an emotionally safe environment to turn to where you can open up and share.  In turn, this process often brings about further insight into self and others.

Couple Therapy:

Are you a couple planning for marriage and wanting premarital counseling?  Newly married or facing the stresses related to building a family?  Facing conflict or tensions in your marriage?  Counseling services are offered for every stage of your relationship.  Whether you simply want to strengthen your existing relationship or you want to resolve concerns that have developed, we have counseling services to fit your needs.

Family Therapy:

When tensions or pressures from the outside world start building, conflict may result within the home.  Or possibly there are unresolved issues from the past that have come to the point that they are no longer manageable.  Blended families are a unique structure, combining two sets of traditions, roles, and lifestyles.  Whatever your reason for considering family counseling, it is an opportunity to grow as a family system and understand yourself and each family member better by focusing on improved communication and mutual respect for one another.

Psychiatric Evaluations:

This is an in-depth process of sharing a more comprehensive history in order to develop a specific treatment plan.  These evaluations are often utilized when coordinating care with various professionals to ensure that all angles of a presenting concern are receiving utmost care and attention.

Group Therapy:

I am currently in the process of forming therapy groups.  Possible topics include:  Grief Groups:  “Am I Normal?”, Identity Groups: “Who Am I Now?”, and Parenting Groups: “I Need A Handbook To Cover This!”  To express interest in any of these groups and to find out further information, feel free to contact (816) 678-3036.